How it works ?


  SverCode is a visual program language for windows computers.

  It's possible to make small programs without coding and compiling.

  Of course it can be used to learn the basic knowledge of conventional coding.


  Why SverCode ?

  You can learn it in a few hours, because this language is completely visual. 
  You can change the functions with a user-friendly setup window. 
  SverCode is a portable program. 


  How to make a program ?


  When you open SverCode, you 'll see a dashboard window on the left and the coding window on the right side. 

  The dashboard window will be the actual program. In the coding window you can make

  or change your program.

  In the settings you can hide the code window.


  Program circuit.


  SverCode works with circuit-blocks like A1, D5, E3,…..

  All the on the top you can see the start button. The text in the button shows the first block.

  Below the blocks, you can see the same buttons.

  When you push the button, you can choose the next block.

  So,  the program knows what to do next.


  Program blocks and functions.

  By clicking on a empty block, you can choose a new function

  You can do this for each block.


  Change or delete a function


  When you clicking on a block with a function, the function-setup will open.

  Now you have the possibility to change or delete the function.



  SverCode works with two kinds of variables.

  1  For the numbers you have to use the numeric-variable v1, v2, v3 and/or  v4.

  2  For the letters, numbers and or characters, you have to use the

      string-variables s1, s2, s3 and/or s4.

      You can find these variables in the function setup.



  By clicking on the circuit setup, you will open the settings.

  On the left side you will find the buttons for open or make a new project.



  When you choose open projects, you will find the examples.